Appliance Upgrade.

I’ve been slacking on my new blog baby this week, but for good reason.  We left for OC, Maryland on Thursday last week and got home on Monday.  It was a blast — good weather and I managed to get myself a nice little tan.   We spent time at the beach, the pool, picked crabs, walked the boardwalk and just relaxed.  But, J and I both got sick while we were there.  I’ve spent the past week recovering and swimming to the surface at work.   The busy season IS almost over….

So enough about our mini-vacay.  When J and I moved in, our house had black appliances.  We hate black appliances.  They had to go, but for as little money as possible.   What if I told you that we upgraded all of our appliances for $414.00  Yep.  It was awesome.

My parents BOTH remodeled their homes and we were lucky enough to score my Dad’s slightly used stainless steel range, saving us easily $1000.  So. that’s a whopping FREE.99 for our new-to-us stainless range.

It is an LG, which we liked, and knew we wanted to stick with LG for the other 3 appliances.  The only problem is that LG appliances are semi-expensive and not very popular.  On a whim, I hopped on to Craig’s List to see if I could find a refrigerator that was gently used.  But there was nothing….  There were hundreds of GE’s, Kenmore’s, etc. but no LG’s.  Then, finally a couple weeks later I FINALLY found a almost new LG refrigerator for $550!  I told them I would come and pick it up right now if they would drop the price to $450.  It was just sitting in their garage so they took our offer.   Free Range + $450 refrigerator = 2 most expensive appliances for $450.  yes.

Then we needed to find the microwave and dishwasher.  I decided that we would go to H.H. Gregg to look for these appliances new — maybe it’s something about cleaning my dishes with someone else’s filth?  The microwave was $275 and was a fairly basic stainless over the range microwave.  The dishwasher was on a major sale, so we got it for $539.

Free Range + $450 refrigerator + $275 microwave + $539 dishwasher = $1264.  Yes, I did actually say $414, but here’s what I meant:  We still had 4 (not being used) appliances at home that were in great condition, just black.  We posted them on Craig’s List and sold them quickly — we we’re too picky with the prices, as we had 8 appliances in our not-so-huge townhouse and needed them to go.  We sold the refrigerator for $300 and the other 3 appliances as a package for $550.  THAT’s how we got 4 new stainless appliances for $414.