You guessed it… More Stripes!

I feel like I am being haunted by stripes since our recent powder room re-do.  I found this picture while looking around on DecorPad and it was like I fell in love all over again:
J was not fond of the idea of adding more “girly” stripes all over the house but he promised to let me stripe the kitchen nook wall, as long as I promised I wouldn’t stripe anything else in the house.  (Of course, I promised with my fingers and toes crossed behind my back.)  It’s like an addiction and I might need help….
Remember this?
I loved the idea of the dark gray stripes, but I had some left over paint from our powder room striping adventure, so I figured I would just use the same colors.  FREE projects are always better.  I had just finished the power room, so as a self proclaimed striping pro, I thought this would be easy peasy.  As it turns out, a much bigger wall takes MUCH longer than a tiny powder room.  Using the same method as the powder room, this project took me the better part of 5 hours to complete!  I think J knew after this I would be all striped out for a while…
Here’s how it turned out:
Again, excuse the mess on the table.  It’s crazy how this table accumulates items over the course of the week.  We’ll get better at putting things away…. right?  As much as I love the subtle “pop” the stripes bring, our little nook still feels unfinished.  It needs a nice big (maybe white?) mirror on the back wall and a funky area rug to define the space.  The table is also way too big.  Crossing my fingers that we will be able to remove the center section of our current table to make it fit the space without having to buy an entirely new table!  More on that adventure later…
Speaking of our kitchen table, I have a terribly funny, but not really that funny story.  J and I are in the furniture store and I absolutely loved the pub height table and the fact that this table had a center section that you could fold up into the table to make it a smaller size.  All of the excitement must have been too much for me, so when I attempted to fold the table, the leaf swung down from the table and smacked the sales guy right in the shins.  He fell over and it nearly broke his legs!  Trying extremely hard not to laugh at myself, or at the fact that my new table had just taken out a furniture sales guy, I promised myself I would not mess around with the leaf of the table any more!  Needless to say, I’ve been terrified to touch the table since!  He’s a feisty little table….  Maybe J will help with the table shrinking, while wearing protective gear of course.
I’d eventually like to add some open shelving to display some bright dinnerware, but depending on the table and if we can remove the center section, there might not be enough room.   Any ideas on how to add storage to this area?  I’m open to anything!

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