Cabinet Painting

Why is it that builders (and those folks who are building) always choose oak?  It’s so dated, yet it’s all over my nearly brand new house.  I am on a quest to say good bye to all of the oak house.  I’ve never painted cabinets before, so I decided to start with the upstairs guest bathroom vanity.
Here’s what it looked like before:
After wandering the paint aisle at Lowes the other day (yes, weirdly enough, once you become a homeowner you find yourself randomly wandering the aisles at Lowes…), I decided to try and tackle the bathroom vanity while J was gone for the night.  I picked up a dark espresso paint (Valspar’s Kitchen and Bath Enamel) and headed home to paint!
First, I sanded the vanity and started with a tinted primer (a light gray) to make sure the dark color would hold up in the humid conditions of a bathroom.  Luckily, the nice gentlemen behind the paint department was able to point me in the right direction.  Without him, there would have been no sanding, and definitely no tinted primer, so my finished vanity is very thankful for his expertise.
Once the primer dried, I was ready to start painting.  This project was surprisingly easy and it turned out great!
 Already, this bathrooms looks 1,000% better!  The espresso vanity gives it a much more custom look (and the ugly oak is finally gone!).  We had to improvise during the hardware installation.  I had planned on installing two square knobs on each of the doors and a handle on the panel across the top of the vanity.  J’s attempt at installing hardware for the first time ended in tragedy.  The measurements were off slightly, so the handle wouldn’t fit.  We were left with two holes in our vanity and really didn’t know how to fix it.  Thanks again to my Mom for the vision of switching the placement of the handles.  It’s not what I had originally envisioned, but it works!
I’ve been looking around for bathroom mirror ideas and stumbled upon Mirror Mate.  They will custom make a frame to go over your huge bathroom mirrors that change the look of the mirror completely.  They are not cheap, so I might attempt to build one myself…. stay tuned for that. 🙂

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