The Stripe Obsession Begins…

Next on the list was the main floor powder room… it is the first thing you see when you walk in the house and it was PLAIN.  It was so boring and white.  It needed something fun!
After researching painting techniques, we decided to try our hand in striping the bathroom walls…. here are some bathrooms that inspired us to stripe:
After deciding a colored stripe would be way too much for this tiny little powder room, we decided to go with a neutral stripe.  Tip:  Go to Lowes or Home Depot, find your favorite paint color (on a swatch with 2 other shades).  We used the lightest shade for the walls, and the medium shade for the stripes.  This way your stripes will coordinate and will not over power the room.
Here’s our version of stripes:
We painted 10″ stripes and used the amazing green frog tape that we found at Lowes.  It was not an easy process– first, I marked in pencil every 10″ from the ceiling to the baseboard.  Then, using a level, I lightly drew a line in pencil.  Then, taped the lines off and started painting.  It took about 2.5 hours to complete, but I am IN LOVE with the stripes.  So perfect for this little room…. now if I can only convince J to let me stripe the entire house?  This bathroom is far from done.  It’s in desperate need of some fun and colorful accessories.
I’ve been asked by friends to help them stripe their house…. stripes, stripes for everyone!
Powder Room To Do:
– Stripe long bathroom wall
– Add colorful bathroom accessories (towels, etc)
-Paint a new mirror and replace the dreaded builder basic one that is installed now

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