First Time Homebuyer Nightmare!

Let’s rewind for a second:  Late in 2011, we decided that we were ready to buy our first home.  After years and years of hard work, we were so excited to start the search!  We knew that we wanted to stay in Middletown, but with our middle of the road budget, we didn’t have much to choose from.  Finally, a perfectly cute 4 bedroom single family home came available.  We immediately toured the property and put an offer in!  Our offer was accepted and all was well…..
Here’s the house:
We were so excited.  We had a final loan approval, with one condition… a structural inspection.  With 3 weeks until closing and a structural inspection that gave nothing but bad news and a HUGE price tag to make the necessary repairs, we knew we needed to walk away.  The problem was, we had about 4 weeks to find a new house, put in the offer and move in.  With 30 days to close on a new house so we wouldn’t end up homeless (okay, fine, I supposed we would never be homeless thanks to the best family and friends), we started the search again and found another house within days… Did I mention it was in the same row of townhouses as our rental home?
We moved into our house on March 8th and ironically, this house is exactly the same as our rental home so our furniture fit perfectly.  We were slightly disappointed that we would be moving into a nearly brand new home, with little to no renovations, but we couldn’t be happier.  It’s MUCH easier spending your hard earned money on all the fun stuff, instead of new HVAC systems…
Now for the specifics:  We have 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms with about 2600 square feet.   The house is entirely too big for just me and J, but will give us plenty of room when we decide to add to our tiny family!  We live on a golf course and have the most amazing views off of our deck.   After living in the house for several months, we are so happy that we ended up here.  It’s absolutely perfect for us!

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